upgrade version BL2408L Integrated Machine Series Brushless Motor Drive dc to dc convertor


Model Number:BL2408L Brushless Motor Drive

Output current: 8A

Range of Voltage:12-32VDC

Range of Rated Speed: 3000-20000rpm



BG BL2408L
DC+/DC-DC voltage input (DC 12V~DC 32V)
U,V,WMotor Phase Line
Hu,Hv,HwHall signal of brushless DC motor
VCCHall Power +
SV1. External speed control potentiometer; 2. Analog signal speed control input; 3. PWM speed control signal input
F/RWhen disconnected or high level, the motor rotates forward, F/R and COM are shorted or the low level motor reverses
ENStop signal control terminal, the motor will stop slowly when the high level or the port is disconnected, and the low level or the EN and COM will be short-circuited and run normally
BRKBrake signal control terminal, high level or port disconnection is normal operation, low level or BRK and COM short connection is fast braking
COMPublic port

Electrical Specifications
ProjectsMinimum valueTypical valuesMaximum valueUnit
Input voltage12 2432VDC
Output current
Speed control
300020000 Rpm
Hall signal 4.555.5 VDC
Hall drive
External speed regulating potentiometer
Control modeSquare waves
Speed regulation mode0-5 VDC analog input, 0-100% PWM input (PWM frequency range :[1 Kz-20KHz)
Over-current protection functionOvercurrent protection occurs when the current exceeds the operating current setting value and lasts a set time
OverpressureAn overvoltage protection occurs when the voltage exceeds 30 V
undervoltageundervoltage protection when voltage is below 10 V
Hall anomalyHall signal anomaly
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