Agricultural Equipment-Agricultural Transport Vehicle

Client: Mr. Feu


Country: United States


Industry: Agricultural Robot


Cooperation time: from 2020 to now



With the growth of global science and technology, the rise of agricultural products and the construction of large-scale technical projects, agricultural trucks are one of the most important machinery in the process of agricultural work.


Mr. Feu asked us to develop and manufacture high-torque, high-quality motors for agricultural transport vehicles.

What they need:DC Brushelss RV WormGearBox Motor


Long time use of the motor, the motor needs to run smoothly, no vibration


The size of the motor needs to be as small as possible and fit on the agricultural truck


The encoder may loosen during operation, which may affect the position control accuracy and cause the position deviation in stopping and moving to exceed the amount of deviation.


In actual use, the motor is required to drive the chain to run. If the shaft shakes slightly, it will cause the agricultural truck to shake and other undesirable conditions during operation. Therefore, our engineers additionally adjust the balance of the shaft and the motor when designing. Help customers solve this problem.


After more than 20 days of detailed discussion, the engineer and the customer finally modified the product size.


Ensure that the encoder runs stably under different working conditions. Repeated and accurate measurements and tests are carried out by our engineers.


When the customer received our motor, the customer was very satisfied.The testing phase so far has been very successful!


They are the most patient motor manufacturers I have ever seen!


-Mr. Feu

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