Spiral Transmission Equipment

Client: Mr. ZiTai

Country: Canda

Industry: Screw Drive

Cooperation time: 2019

Customers found us through Alibaba in 2019, they are a professional screw drive company. Their goal is to create a high-quality and high-precision screw drive equipment for their customers. In 2019, there are spiral transmission equipment companies everywhere in the market, and the price is very cheap. Customers want to develop a competitively priced spiral transmission equipment that can be purchased by those who need it. The motor is one of the core components of the machine. Customers hope that we can cooperate with them to develop motors that meet their needs.

What they need:Voltage: 12VDC, 48VDC Power: 35W brushed geared motor


heat-up problem: high precision control,request motors run immediately and accuracy 

lifespan:a long lifespan and cannot be easily burned up

low current:In order to be more energy efficient, the current is as small as possible while the power meets the requirements


In the initial stage, we first provided two solutions for customers.

The first option is a planetary geared motor, which can fully meet the customer's parameter requirements. However, due to the price of the motor, this solution was quickly rejected by the customer.

We also provide customers with a second solution, using eccentric shaft geared motors, which can meet the requirements of AC power supplies, and the motor parameters will fully meet customer needs. The volume is smaller and more convenient, in line with the complete design of the customer.


After 7 times of repeated testing of samples, the quality of products fully meet the requirements.Now officially enter the cooperation period!

Excellent motor, no beats, almost silent, no backlash. Great! 8 of 5 stars

I am very happy with the expertise George served, together with a top quality, long life product. 

Initial tests are completed asap and we found more performance than we expected.

Thanks again, Ningbo guys.

-Mr.ZiTai( engineer)

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