Client: Davide

Country:  Italy

Cooperation time: 2021

In March 2021, the customer found our company through Google. He told me that he was from an Italian company and he was the CEO; The customer said: "The DC treadmill motor he purchased often failed. In the last supply, our old supplier deceived us and sent us bad motors. We received 25 bad motors - an amazing percentage; we must solve the problems of these motors; I need a professional manufacturer to solve these problems and provide high-quality products Motor".

What they need:180V 4600rpm 1HP 0.75HP Treadmill DC motor


The defect that occurs is always the same, I'll explain it to you:

1. the engine overheats and the temperature rises, even beyond 40 ° which is the max limit.

2. the customer feels the smell of burning。

3. the motor stops, the domestic meter of the house comes off.

4. At this point the engine does not run anymore - under any circumstances.

5. We have tested some of these motors and they are short-circuited.



1. Can you supply a quality motor that can bear 110kg weight?

2. Can you offer a 3-year warranty on your motors?

3. Are your motors certified according to European directives? Send me certificates and test reports

4. Do you have a motor that can be compatible with our plate - and can therefore be mounted without any difficulty?


In fact, the above problems mentioned by customers can be avoided in the process of motor production;

1. In the use of raw materials, we use high insulation grade materials above 180 ℃ to ensure the quality of the motor and solve the problem of motor heating;

2. We recommend a 0.75hp motor to meet the load of 110kg

3. We specially applied for the CE certificate for treadmill motor

4. Provide customers with a customized base mounting plate to completely solve customers' concerns


I have found several suppliers, but some suppliers ignore me when they hear that my quantity is small and they have high requirements for products; Anna of BG motor is very patient, gives me a lot of help and guidance, and helps me investigate some suppliers in China. Thank her very much for her kindness and help. I believe our future cooperation will be long and amazing!   

-Mr.David (CEO)

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