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Client: Mr. Suf

Country: Saudi Arabia

Industry: Milkshake Machine

Cooperation time: 2018

The client found us through Alibaba in 2018, they are a milkshake machine company. It is to create a convenient milkshake machine for their customers. Many milkshake machines on the market are bulky and more expensive. The client wanted to develop a small milkshake machine that would make it more convenient for people who like to make milkshakes and care about the quality of life. The motor is one of the core components of the machine, and customers hope that we can cooperate with them to develop a motor that meets their needs.

What they need:110V/ 220V AC Universal Motor


Micro size,high speed,low noise,low cost,long lifespan

Install EMC and Overheat protector

Power supply must be alternating current


Low noise: For the health of users, because they will be close to using the machine, the machine cannot make too much sharp and harsh noise.

Lifespan: As a family/business machine, it must have a long lifespan and will not burn easily.

Low current: In order to save energy, the current should be as small as possible when the power meets the requirements

Reduce vibration: Since the machine will work continuously for a long time, the integrity of the fabric cutting. The motor must vibrate slightly.


After 2 times of repeated testing of samples, the quality of products fully meet the requirements.Now officially enter the cooperation period!

After repeated testing of the samples twice, the product quality fully meets the requirements, and the cooperation period is officially entered!

The performance is higher than we expected. I will contact you at any time if I have any questions about the motor and the needs of the motor!

Thanks again,


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