Mediacal Equipment-AC Centrifuge

Client: Mr. Andrw

Country: Argentina

Industry: centrifugal machine

Cooperation time: 2020



The centrifuge has a wide range of applications in the medical industry. It is mainly used in blood separation, DNA research/immunohematology laboratories, laboratories, research rooms, etc. It is an ideal product for serum, plasma, and radioimmunity in medical and biochemical laboratories. Essential equipment for various hospital blood banks, laboratories, blood stations, medical schools and medical research institutions.


In recent years, the market for medical centrifuges has been continuously growing, and the future development potential is quite strong. It is a pretty good medical device industry. The medical centrifuge is an ideal high-speed separation equipment in the fields of biology, medicine, pharmacy, and epidemic prevention.

What they need:High-Quality AC Motor For Centrifuge


Long-term high-speed use of the centrifuge will cause the screws to loosen and cause loud noise


The size of the motor needs to be as small as possible, because the customer's products have been invested in the market, so the size cannot be too large


Strict dynamic balance test of each product, ensure the motor in operation to maintain a relatively stable state, reduce the possibility of screw loosening, in addition to bearing replacement with high-quality bearings to increase product stability.


After discussing the size of the motor with the engineer, and after long-term communication with the customer, it is decided to open the motor model


After received our quotation, the customer was very satisfied and now purchased three samples for testing, the samples run well during the test and our motors can all meet their conditions.




I hope all suppliers will be working on the such high level, as current supplier.

-order was ready in time.

-delivery will be arranged, as planned.

-the questions, which arrived during delivery was solved suppliers in shortest time.

-communication with suppliers very easy, absolutely clear, usefull and helpfull.

-sales manger is a proffesional, have good knowlege aout products, don't waste a time and very friendly.



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