Other Application-Automatic Door

Client: Mr. Barp

Country: Brazil

Industry: Automatic Door  

Cooperation time: 2022

The automatic door is the development and improvement of the function of the door according to the needs of people. Automatic doors not only beautify the environment of entrances and exits and improve the convenience of transportation, but also have various additional functions such as environmental protection, energy saving, safety, and sanitation. They are very suitable for hotels, clubs, office buildings, and various exhibition halls. Mr Barp approached us and expressed the need for a more energy-efficient and quieter motor for their automatic door production.

What they need:24V 60W 750rpm DC Brushed Motor with 12ppr Encoder


1. Determine the appropriate motor horsepower to reduce energy consumption.

2. Reduce the noise of the motor, and the noise requirement is lower than 45dB.

3. To improve the life of the motor, the life of the motor is required to reach 1 million times.


1. The horsepower of the automatic door motor is what people usually ask, how big or how many doors can this door open? People habitually think that the bigger the door opener is, the stronger it will be. This is unscientific and will cause a waste of electricity. After understanding the weight of the customer's automatic door design and the accommodating space of the motor, we recommend a motor with suitable horsepower and size for the customer.

2. The automatic doors produced by customers are used in office buildings, and the noise requirements for motors are higher than those of ordinary automatic door motors.

The noise of the DC brushed motor mainly comes from: 1. The friction sound of the carbon brush of the DC motor and the commutator will produce noise. In this regard, the fine car of the DC motor is a very important process. Second, the bearing sound of the DC motor will also cause noise. Therefore, good quality bearings are also necessary.

3. The life span of the motor. The customer's requirement for the service life of the motor is that the number of working cycles is not less than 1 million times. The materials and manufacturing process of the motor shaft, shaft sleeve, rotor support structure and gearbox determine the life of the motor.


The customer received the motor, and after a month of testing, he is very satisfied with our motor. The power of the motor is more suitable than the motor used by the customer before. Noise is also in line with customer expectations. After 4 months of trial order, larger batch purchases will start.

"Best wishes to your company! You give us a lot of favor. It proves you are a very professional motor manufacturer.We are very glad we found you as our motor supplier."

_Mr. Barp (Chief Engineer)

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