BG BLDC Motors helps the intelligent AGV system to innovate warehousing efficiency:

Customer: Mr. Felix of Germany

Industry: Logistics and warehousing system manufacturer

Cooperation time: 2020 to present

Market demand analysis:

The booming global e-commerce has put tremendous pressure on logistics providers,
forcing them to strengthen warehousing operations to complete orders faster and more efficiently.

Traditional material handling methods are increasingly unable to meet the needs of large-volume,
fast-paced environments.Mr. Felix, a leading German logistics and warehousing system manufacturer,
is trying to changethe status quo of warehousing logistics through automated guided vehicles (AGVs)
to improve efficiency,accuracy, and safety.

What they need:Voltage: 24V-48V, power can reach 250W, and the motor speed can be reduced to many low speeds after the reduction gearbox, such as 100rpm


Motor problems encountered by customers before:

1. The busy work of AGV requires a long motor life of more than 20,000 hours;

2. Low motor efficiency leads to rapid battery aging and insufficient power, reducing the endurance of AGV

3. Poor motors cause abnormal control during driving, and out-of-control AGVs cause the entire transportation line to be paralyzed

4. Poor motors cause the speed of AGVs to fluctuate during operation, affecting the handling stability.

5. Long delivery time;


Product Introduction:

BG Motors is well-known for its expertise in high-performance motors and control systems, and has
proposed solutions for AGV motors.
High-efficiency BLDC motors: BG Motors recommends using the brushless DC (BLDC) motor
BGDC86BL130 in AGVs, which has extremely high efficiency,

exceeding 90% in many cases, greatly reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Precise control: BG Motors provides BLDC 48V 1500W 200Nm planetary reduction motors for AGVs,
which can achieve precise route planning, obstacleavoidance,and seamless integration with warehouse |
management software based on advanced navigation and control systems
Optimized battery management system: Low-energy, high-power BLDC optimizes battery charging
 and use through an intelligent battery management system,extending the battery life of the AGV and
ensuring uninterrupted operation of the AGV.

1. Through the careful simulation analysis of the motor working conditions of the customer's
AGV by our technical team, and the joint efforts of the customer,the performance of the AGV has been improved.

2. Regarding the vibration problem, we performed three balancing corrections on the motor rotor during
production; the motor runs smoothly during operation reducing the speed fluctuation of the AGV during
operation and improving the stability of cargo transportation.

3 Since we have been producing this motor on a stable production line, every time a customer confirms an order,
we can deliver it within 20 days, 15 days earlier than the previous customer's supplier.

Advantages brought by the solution:

BG Motors' motor solution has changed the operation of warehouse AVG:

The improved performance of AGV can better automate repetitive tasks, improve work efficiency, greatly increase warehouse throughput and reduce labor costs,
and improve warehouse efficiency.

The precise navigation and control system minimizes picking errors and ensures timely delivery of accurate orders.

Excellent AGV eliminates the need for manual forklift operation and reduces the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.


Customer Feedback:

Mr. Felix is very satisfied with the performance and efficiency of the BLDC motors for the AGV system.

He said, “BG Motors’ AGV motor solutions enable the AGV system to handle a large amount of work with greater efficiency and accuracy.

These motors have greatly improved the performance of our AGV products. We are a trusted partner.

Contact BG Motors today to learn about AGV system motors.

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