other Application-Simulator

Client: Jellard(R&D manager )

Country: USA

Industry: Simulator

Games are getting more and more elaborate and customers are demanding more and more gaming equipment.

Our client, Jellard, needed to design a special device for an air combat game. It is used to give players a higher degree of simulation and operation.

What they need:Brushless motor with high precision control

  • heat-up problem: high precision control,request motors run immediately and accuracy 

  • lifespan:a long lifespan and cannot be easily burned up

  • low current:In order to be more energy efficient, the current is as small as possible while the power meets the requirements


Because the motor will need to provide resistance against the player, it will form a stall in a short period of time, which requires a high level of heat dissipation and needs to be precisely controlled so that the motor only needs to provide force at the specified time. We customize high precision optical encoders and improve material quality to ensure longevity and low current to reduce heat generation.


We are continuing to work with our customer to develop the next generation of products.

Comment from customer

As a new project,we faced many problems.Motor is a part of our project,BG motor help us saved many time on it,let us forward the process successfully.Well done!Glad to work with you guys.


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