Vehicle-Automatic Sliding Door

Client: Mr. Hans Büscher

Country: Germany

Industry: Car

Cooperation time: 2015

The customer's company was founded in 1899, they are a large German auto parts supplier, they are specialized in providing door locking system for Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche, etc., and they are one of the technology leaders in the field of electrode-mechanical locking system, very well known in Europe. At that time they approached us because it was a new project for the sliding door of VW in Germany, in the initial development stage; the customer looked for three suppliers in the world, Japan, Sweden, and we were the only one in China. 

What they need:24V High Torque,high stall torque DC motor

  • The motor is required to have a stall torque of 1Nm and a stall current of 65A at 48mm. 

  • As their project was in the new development stage that time.Our customers did not clear the power, torque, speed, etc.with rated load of the motor

  • The size of the motor must not exceed 42mm, there is no requirement for the length

  • Motors’ lifespan request at least 1000 hours, and the noise should be less than 65dB

  • The motor needs to be matched with the worm gearbox, hopefully in snap-on mode to the gearbox, so the design of the front end will be more demanding.

  • The motor must have a no-load speed of 6,500 rpm and a load speed of 5,200 rpn with a high torque

  • EMC Level 5 + a ring magnet + two Hall sensors were needed to be installed directly inside the motor

  • First clear load data: our engineer team first through the existing motor in the dynamometer equipment to clarify the motor rating data.Customers need the motor must be 12V, DC brush motor.At first,we have recommended that customers use DC brushless motor, which can solve the problem of small size.But customers designed their entire system all in accordance with the DC brush system.As the motor is 12V, the copper wire diameter will be thicker, but also to reach the high speed and high torque high power,usually the power of the 48mm motor can only customized into 70W at most, the maximum stall torque will be approx 0.3Nm.With the DC brush motor, the stall torque needs to reach 1Nm, stall current 65A, minimum diameter of the motor is 90mm

  • It’s quite difficult to install EMC+Hall sensor+ring magnet in such a small room with 48mm diameter.After 20 times of design and experiments.Our team test different raw materials, including the number of slots of the rotor, the pole tree of the magnet and the high class quality material.Finally we were able to meet the customer's data requirements.


Cooperation from 2019 to now, 2020 start to put into mold bulk production, the annual production is about 100,000 units.

The whole team of BG Motor is very passionate and enthusiastic, they are very satisfied with their serious work and professional attitude. And will give us rationalization suggestions, we have hundreds emails in total for this project, every problem solving and explanation are very clearly, and let me know how the product develop in each process, very trustworthy and cooperative supplier!

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