Vehicle -ebike

Client: Mr.Dasan

Country: USA

Industry: Electric bicycle

Cooperation time: 2021

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection.The quickness and convenience of electric bicycles perfectly matching the trend of the times, Mr.Dasan was in urgent need of a new type of electric bicycle to enhance the motor he was using. He approached us to develop and produce a long-life, high-quality electric bicycle motor product. Before that he also looked for many suppliers, due to the immaturity of the technology, it has always led to the problems of easy burned motor, short life, easy damage to motor shaft, and too much current.

What they need:Brushless electric bicycle motor


The output shaft of the motor is a custom shaft, when the speed is 3100RPM Make sure the shaft will not deform and break.      

Ensure that the signal input parts of the turnbuckle and gate handle are perfectly matched to the motor and the customer's product.

Since the electric bicycle needs to work continuously for a long time, the motor must run smoothly and without vibration


In the early stage of product development, our founder and technical engineer discussed the product carefully with Mr. Daniel in the factory video, and studied the working principle and requirements of the product for more than one month, and solved all the problems in a new way by continuously revising the design in response to the requirements raised by Mr. Daniel.

1. Because the output shaft of the motor is specially customized to ensure that the motor shaft will not deform and break during working hours, we change the better steel on the original shaft to make a higher quality output shaft, which greatly increases the rigidity of the motor shaft.

2. Turn signal is the driving signal of electric bike motor rotation. The gate signal is an electrical signal that is output to the controller by the electronic circuit inside the gate when the electric bicycle brakes; after the controller receives this signal, it will cut off the power supply to the motor, thus realizing the brake power-off function.

3. In actual use, the motor is needed to drive the chain to run, if the shaft has a slight wobble, it will lead to the chain and the motor in the process of running, there is an untidy situation, so our engineers in the design, extra more enhance the process of adjusting the shaft level, as well as the motor in the balance completely help customers to solve this problem.


When the customer received our motor, they were very satisfied. They brought their e-bike products to the market and got good feedback from the market. 

We will insist on providing our customers with the best quality motors to help their business.

The engineers at BG Motor and their owner are very professional in the motor industry. Their quality control is very good, no quality problems whatsoever!


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