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BG‘s story

The story begins with the struggle of a teenager in the tide of China's great development,
Mr. Sun is the founder of BG Motor. At the beginning of 15 years old, he was a teenager who studied hard. In the early 1970s of China's reform and opening up, China was short of materials in all aspects at that time, and not every family could electrify and use electric lights. Mr. Sun was eager to learn knowledge. Fortunately, there was a diesel generator at home that could generate electricity for him to study. However, due to poor quality, short circuits or burning occurred during usage, and the product quality was very unstable.

Since then, our founder has planted a seed in his heart and told himself that he must make the best quality motor in the future and has been devoted to the research of motor-related products since he went to school.
BG is the phonetic initials of the Chinese character '博工'.
‘博’ means people who are good at using knowledge and making social progress with knowledge. ‘工’ means workers with first-class skills.
‘’博工 means using first-class workers to produce the best motors in the department and providing customers with the best motor solutions with the most professional engineers.
Just as our vision making the motor turn the beauty of the world, we are committed to make our motors available for the whole world
Mr. Sun is particularly strict about the quality of products, so meticulous that the tolerance dimensions of each component are all implemented according to the highest standards. After tens of thousands of experiments, the service life and safety of the motor are ensured and professional customized solutions are provided to different customers.
What we produce is not only a product but a hope to make the world better. No matter which field of products you make, let's join hands and use the motor to rotate beautifully, bringing joy and hope to more families!



To be the most trustworthy motor manufacturer all over the world.



Driver the world better, Always provide customers the best solution and most stable motors!

  • 价值观 - 诚为本Values - Sincerity-based

    Honesty is the foundation of our foothold in society. Treat people sincerely and do what we promise.

  • 价值观 - 敢担当Values - Dare to take responsibility

    每一位BG人要有敢担当的责任,真干事的决心; 敢于牵头、善于配合;敢于创新、大胆向前; 敢于面对问题、坚定信念!
    Should share to take responsibility and have the determination to do work. Dare to take the lead and cooperate, dare to innovate and move forward boldly and dare to face problems and strengthen faith.

  • 价值观 - 用心做Values - Do it diligently

    There is no size in things. We live a simple life and focus on doing everything diligently.

  • 价值观 - 求极致Values - Pursuit of the ultimate

    无论是做产品还是做事情,都必须要用工匠的精神;对产品质量的精益求精、对制造的一丝不苟,对完美的孜孜追求。 把简单的事情,平凡的事情,做到最好!
    No matter manufacturing products or doing things, we must achieve with the spirit of craftsmen. Strive for perfection in product quality, be meticulous in manufacturing, and pursue perfection diligently. Achieve the best for simple and ordinary things!

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