Garbage treatment equipment - 36V/48V DC brushless planetary gear motor

Client: Mr. Agle

Country: Mexico

Industry: Commercial Waste Disposer

Cooperation time: 2012

Customers found us through Google in 2012. They are a manufacturer of commercial waste disposal machines. Their goal is to have a commercial waste disposer that runs stably for 8,000 hours. At that time, the running time of commercial garbage disposal machines on the market was generally around 4000-4500 hours, and the price was more expensive. The customer wants the motor to run for 8000 hours and work stably. The motor is one of the core components of the machine. The customer hopes that we can cooperate with them to develop a motor that meets their needs.

What they need:36V/48V DC brushless planetary gear motor


Low speed, low noise, long life, high torque


Low current to save the energy


The output shaft of the motor required by the customer is relatively thin and may be broken during operation


In the initial stage, we first provided two solutions for customers. The first solution is a DC servo motor, which can fully meet the customer's parameter requirements. But because it was a servo motor driver, this solution was quickly rejected by the customer. We also provide customers with a second solution, using a brushless reduction motor + gearbox model, which can meet the low-speed, high-torque motor parameters will fully meet customer needs. And the size of the 3D motor drawing is in full compliance with the customer's complete design.


After 2 times of repeated testing of samples, the quality of products fully meet the requirements.Now officially enter the cooperation period!



Honestly the best service of all sellers on I've ever received, BG Motor is the best, very quick and helpful replies. Product perfect, as specified, including test documentation. Very satisfied!


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