BG was established in 1994,start our business with Universal motors.


In 1995, we developed a series of motors for the sewing machine industry, 20 types of motors such as fabric cutting machines and fabric breakers.


The company purchased a factory with its own property rights in Dongguang Village, Jiangshan Town, and officially entered into a rapid development.


BG Motor's motors have become very well known in the fabric cutting machine industy, with orders flocking in, and have become a leader in the sewing machine motor industry with a very high profile.


BG Motor expands into new industry sectors, producing more motors for household appliance types (like:blenders, juicers, soymilk machines, hair dryers, etc.)


As the capacity demand can not be expanded, the new purchase of 12,000 square meters of factory, moved into a new plant, fully updated the fully automated production equipment, the company has stepped into a new stage.


BG Motor has developed centrifuge motors for use in medical equipment, supplying them exclusively to a large medical device group in Shanghai.


BG Motor upgraded its industry and eliminated low-margin products. Formally entered the industry of DC brushed motors, and developed 8 models of DC motors in the same year, mainly producing DC motors related to automatic doors.


BG Motor expands new business and marketing concepts, combining offline exhibitions with the online Alibaba platform.


BG Motor's output value exceeded RMB 60 million and five new high-power motors for industrial equipment were developed in the same year.


BG Motor established a DC brushless motor R&D department, set up a branch factory in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, developed 20 models of DC brushless motors, and officially entered the international market.


Below the impact of the COVID-19, the company team has been optimized and reorganized internally, and a new high-torque, stress-resistant underwater robot motor has been developed.


Increased cooperation with international customers, products are sold to the United States, Germany, Italy, Britain, Sweden, Slovenia, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, etc., and have gained the recognition and good comments from customers.

To Be Continued

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