Juicer - BG AC5445

Client: Mr. Scott

Country: Canada

Industry: Juicer

Cooperation time: 2016

The customer found us through Linkedin in 2016, and they are a juicer manufacturer. Their goal was to create a more accessible and easy-to-use juicer for their customers. At that time, there were a lot of juicers on the market, but the price of juicers was very high.

The client wanted to develop an easy-to-use and affordable juicer that would make it more convenient for those who care about the quality of life. The motor is one of the core components of the machine, and customers want us to work with them to develop a motor that meets their needs.

What they need:BG AC5445 Jucier motor,Motor Data:Power: 15-20W,Voltage: 110-220VAC,Speed (RPM): 6000-10000rpm


1. The motor must meet: small size, high speed, low noise, low cost, long life

2. Low current energy saving

3. The motor must be installed with EMC and thermal protector

4. Motor power must be AC


Motor size:

The appearance size of the customer's product has been completed, so it is required that our motor can meet the size requirements of the product,

Motor appearance size design: Our engineer team adopts BG Motor Factory juicer motor (BG AC5445) structure. When designing a (BG AC5445) motor, considering high efficiency, the size of the motor must meet the product requirements; in the design of the rotor and stator of the motor's internal structure, more than 19 design methods have been designed through simulation software, repeated comparisons and tests, and the final engineer Problem solved by trial and error and calculations

Long life: As a home/commercial machine, it must have a long life and not be easily damaged.

Small current: In order to save energy, when the power meets the requirements, the current should be as small as possible

Reduce vibration and noise: Since the machine will work continuously for a long time, the interior of the product is changed to sound insulation sponge to reduce noise

The motor must meet EMC and thermal protector, and the motor needs to meet the use of AC power

After repeated discussions by our technical team, the motor design and testing have been modified, and the "BG AC5445" motor that meets the customer's needs is mass-produced within 25 days.


After 5 times of continuous testing of samples, the quality of motor products fully meets the requirements. Now officially enter the cooperation period!

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