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Client: Mr. Nace

Country: Sweden

Industry: Coffee machine

Cooperation time: 2019

The client found us through Google in 2019 , they are a creativity company. Their aim was create a convenient coffee maker portable for their customers. At that time, the market was full of larger coffee machines and they were more expensive. The client wanted to develop a simple coffee machine that could be carried around for people who like coffee and are concerned about quality of life, and they wanted the new coffee machine to have a better taste and not waste coffee. The motor is one of the core components of the machine, and the customer hope we can work with them to develop a motor that would meet their demand.

What they need:110V/ 220V AC Universal Motor

  • Micro size,high speed,low noise,low cost,long lifespan

  • Low current to save the energy

  • Install EMC and Overheat protector

  • Power supply must be alternating current


In the initial stage, we first provided two solutions to the customer. The first solution is a DC brush motor, which can fully meet the requirements of the customer's parameter requirement.However, due to the DC power, this solution was quickly rejected by the customer. We also provided a second solution to the customer, using a high speed AC motor + gearbox model,this can meet the requirements of the AC power, the motor parameter will totally meet customer’s demand. The volume is smaller and more convenient, in line with the complete design of the customer.


After 4 times of repeated testing of samples, the quality of products fully meet the requirements.Now officially enter the cooperation period! 

BG motor’s delivery was very fast!They were very responsive when we asked questions. The motors are stable and with a high quality.It runs very will we during our several experiments. Although it took a little bit more time during the initial sample stage, they were great to work with during the follow-up samples. It was perfect! Thank you for all the support you provided us! 

-Mr.Nace(Chief technical engineer)

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