Vehicle-Use Solar Energy For Cars

Client: Mr. Calvin, Singapore

Cooperation time: from 2019 to now

Industry: Use solar energy for cars 

In 2019, Mr. Khoo found our company and simply told us their demand for motor performance;

At the beginning of the project, we are not clear about the specific purpose of their project, because their project is in the initial stage and is completely confidential,


So they only told us the data of the motor; At that time, we saw this data. The first feedback was that we could not do this project, and there was no suitable motor to match; The customer didn't give up on us and called us again. He had a video conversation with our team for more than 1 hour and made clear about the type of motor required, the working time of the motor, the working environment of the motor, the size requirements of the motor, etc;


It cannot be provided and produced according to the conventional motor, and special customization is required; The customer flew to our factory from Singapore with their technical engineers, repeatedly studied and communicated with our technical engineers about their project, and determined the motor required by the customer. Finally, the project was determined as a completely new R & D project.

What they need:24V 1500W 1400rpm DC brush motor with use solar energy for cars


1. AC motor is currently used and needs to be replaced with 24V DC motor;

2. It is hoped that the service life of the motor can reach more than 20000 hours;

3. The output shaft of the motor must be waterproof;

4. The motor body also needs to be waterproof, because it is used in coastal cities;

5. Low MOQ can be provided;

6. The motor can be provided together with the driver;

7. The motor can accept bumpy road conditions without affecting its use;


With regard to the motor voltage, we subsequently discussed with the customer to determine the use of a 48V DC brushless motor, because the current of 24V is twice that of 48V. From the perspective of the driver, it is equivalent to the large current, so the cost of the driver will be higher; The customer accepts our suggestion to use a 48V motor;

1.We purchased a complete set of simulation equipment and supplies (the customer provided the compressor); By simulating the final use scenario, we determine the required torque and appropriate speed of the motor;

2.If the customer wants the cooperation between the motor and the battery, it can be used for more than 4 hours; Through the use of load simulation scenarios, we defined the accurate current required by the equipment in the actual operating load; This helps customers better know the capacity and volume required by the battery;

3.Because it is used in tropical areas, a special anti-rust treatment is made for the motor output shaft and the motor body.

4.The motor has special customized size, and wind blades are added at the tail of the motor, so as to ensure that the heat dissipation of the motor is well solved and the motor will not be hot when  the motor runs for a long time.


After two months of research and development by our engineers, the customer completely entered the test after receiving the samples, which was very, very successful! According to the customer's experimental feedback, the efficiency of the motor is very high. The original plan was to use the motor with the battery for 4 hours. The experimental results show that the battery can supply power for more than 5 hours; In October 2019, the customer's products were successfully launched. 

In the beginning, we found several manufacturers. After we communicated with the salesmen of some manufacturers, we felt that they were very unprofessional; When I found Anna song of BG motor, I had a video conversation with him for an hour. I think their company is very professional and can give me a lot of professional suggestions and opinions. Because our project is relatively private and confidential, in the early development stage of the project, but the BG motor team gave me a sense of confidence and security. I shared the construction principle and design of our whole product; Their engineers are very professional and serious, and actively helped us develop and succeed in this project. I thank them very much. At the beginning of the project, they provided us with a small MOQ to support us!   The motor that we need is rather uncommon and our quantity is small yet still willing to spend time and effort to do testing. 
The motor that we need is rather uncommon and our quantity is small yet still willing to spend time and effort to do testing. 
The salesperson is adequate product knowledge. Always check with us to seek feedback on product performance. Willing to always consider our request and help as much as possible.   
Satisfied with the quality and delivery. Never compromise quality and delivery regardless of quantity size. 
-- Mr. Calvin

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