Client: Mr. Frank 

Country: France

Industry: Boat 

Cooperation time: 2022

Always working at a humid environment, boat used motor is required to be more resistant to moisture and corrosion than ordinary motors. Mr. Frank approached us to produce more powerful motors with high protection level for his boats production. 

What they need:24V 800W 300rpm DC brushless motor


1. 800W high power but with 200mm height size limitation. 

2. Protect against the effects of temporary submersion in water. 


Strict size requirement: In order to provide double-layer waterproof protection for the motor, the motor is usually placed in a small waterproof box. Therefore, the motor size must be suitable. 

Enough power: Boats need enough power to drive it against the water current.

Water Proof: When the boat is running, in order to prevent the spray from splashing in and the submersion of motor. The motor must be made IP68.


About one month was taken to develop the motor. And after 2 times testing and modifying, the motor finally work very well with the boat.In June Mr. Frank order the first batch of motor from us. 

Thanks very much for your kindly help. The time is deserved! Now the motor work very well with our boats. We will still turn to you if we have other motor need. 

_Mr. Frank (Engineer )

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