Vehicle-Car wipper

Client: Mr. Stephen

Country: USA

Industry: Car

Cooperation time: 2006

This customer is a well-known American automotive company. In 2006, this customer approached us to supply a wiper motor. Their request a high quantiry as 200,000 units per year, but they wanted to find two suppliers to coopertate

What they need:12V Worm gear DC motor

  • Lifespan,request motor drive the wiper at least 2million times

  • Noise limit,≤65dB(60RPM) ≤60dB(30RPM)

  • Protection Class,reach IP65

  • Restoration function


Through repeated communication with the customer, our engineer team first determined the working principle of the whole wiper motor and the requirements.Our engineers simulated the structure of the car to make a frame, completely simulating the style of the car. The life expectancy requirement is more than 2 million times, which is a very high requirement. Through the wear resistance test of all the parts of the motor, as well as the precision of the bite of the turbine and worm gear, etc., and the selection of better lubrication grease, we repeatedly did hundreds of experiments and 24-hour continuous operation experiments to meet the customer's requirements.


The BG Motor team has a defiant spirit, they are brave enough to explore unknown areas.They take the quality of their products and their work very seriously.

--Mr. Stephen 

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