Agricultural Robot

The customer is a French company that specializes in manufacturing agricultural machines. This time they need motors that can be used in their newly designed agricultural robots.

The product using the motor is a reconnaissance robot that can highlight the variability in field crop plots and detect potential threats to crops. In contact with the ground, we are talking about proximity.

Dedicated to agricultural professionals: it is a tool for improving farmers’ practices, a farm consulting solution for cooperatives, and an indispensable element for optimizing the phenotype of experimental fields.

The collected information is highlighted in the variation map, allowing farmers to accurately conduct experiments on a daily basis by adjusting the input on the plot.

Developed for people in the agricultural sector. Our goal is to increase agricultural profitability (save input, increase yield and crop quality), improve the quality of life of farmers (save time and improve work comfort) and protect the environment (reduce input and reduce soil compaction).

What they need:High quality and high torque 63mm 24V brushed worm gear motor



In the communication with the customer, the customer put forward several problems that need to be solved.

1. Due to design issues, customers need motors with side-out shafts and cannot use the most efficient planetary geared motors.

2. The torque required by the customer is very large, and the general worm gear motor cannot bear it.

3. Customers have requirements for the weight of the motor, which cannot be greater than 2kg.

4. The shaft of the motor is longer than normal, which requires high stability of the motor.



1. Recommend square worm gear motors to customers, which can withstand greater torque than general worm gear motors.

2. Combined with the lowest torque and power requirements, it is recommended to use a 63mm brushed motor.

3. In the end, we discussed with the customer and decided to shorten the length of the shaft slightly to achieve a balance between vibration and use.


Two samples have been sent by the customer, and the customer is testing. I believe there will be good feedback soon.

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