Conveyor Belts

Client: Mr.Andrew

Country: United States

Industry: Agricultural Conveyor Belts

Cooperation time: 2019

In 2019, customers found us through LinkedIn, they are professional agricultural equipment manufacturers. 

Their goal was to create a high-performance agricultural conveyor belt unit that could carry more heavy loads and have a long motor life. 

The motor is one of the core components of the machine because customers demand high performance, can carry more heavy loads, and have a long motor life. 

Customers want us to work with them to develop a motor that meets their needs.

What they need:24V 36V 48V 1500W 2000W 2500W 300Nm DC brushless RV worm gear motor


1.The motor voltage is low and the power requirement is very high, which causes the temperature of the motor to rise rapidly during operation. The customer found in the test that the motor temperature is around 150 degrees Celsius, and the life of the motor is far lower than the customer's requirements.

2. The motor needs to load a certain amount of heavy objects. During the operation of the customer's previous motor, the motor has a poor use effect due to the excessive load.

3. The problem of the motor gear. In the previous test, the noise of the motor was very loud and the motor gear was seriously damaged.


1. The problem of high temperature rise: because the customer's voltage is only 24V, but the power of the motor is 2000W, the current of the motor will be very large when it is working, which will cause the motor temperature to rise too high. After careful motor testing, it is found that the temperature of the motor is as high as 90 degrees Celsius during operation, but the insulation level of the customer's sample motor is only E, which is far from meeting the requirements of the motor when it is working, resulting in the previous motor and the customer's life during use. Very short, and the motor doesn't feel good to use.

After calculation and repeated tests by engineers, under the same motor data, we give the customer a brushless DC RV worm gear with higher performance, which can meet the normal operation of the motor at a working temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, and the size is within the range accepted by the customer Worm geared motor.

2. Motor load problem: Because the motor required by the customer loads a certain amount of heavy objects, we discuss with the customer after calculation, and the torque required by the motor cannot be less than 290Nm. After we also discuss with the customer in detail, the customer's device may have There will be a heavy load of nearly 298Nm in a short period of time. Finally, according to the requirements of the customer, we will increase the rated torque of the motor to 300Nm to ensure that the motor will not have any problems when the motor is overloaded.

3. The problem of the motor gear: According to the customer's previous feedback on the use and test situation, we dismantled the customer's motor for detailed demonstration and discussion.

After repeated testing and observing the operation of the motor, we have come to the following conclusions:

  • The radial runout of the gear produces a dynamic reaction force on the shaft, which is alternating, which is easy to fatigue the shaft.

  • The impact of the two meshing gears is large and the wear is also large.

  • The gear produces noise during operation.

  • The speed fluctuation is large, which increases the non-uniformity coefficient of mechanical operation. If it exceeds the allowable value, the function of the machine will be affected, the working accuracy will be reduced, and the efficiency will be reduced.

When we knew about these problems, we held an internal meeting to discuss, listed several customized solutions, and finally chose a motor with a cost-effective customized solution suitable for customers. The motor "BG BL110RV110" that meets the customer's needs within one month is delivered to the customer for testing.


After 4 repeated sampling tests, the product quality fully meets the requirements. Now officially enter the cooperation period!

everything is fine. 

The order was sent and received earlier than planned. BG Motor is very professional.

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