Other application-Universal Heavy Duty Grinding and Polishing Machine

Client: John Hoolko

Country: Usa

Industry: Universal Heavy Duty Grinding and Polishing Machine

The change of household appliances has been accompanied by the improvement of people's living standard, from the initial large items such as electric fans, TV sets, refrigerators, etc., slowly various small appliances have entered people's homes. Because of the different needs of people, a variety of easy-to-use machines for home use were born, and the grinder used for industrial use has now developed new small machines suitable for home use.

What they need:63mm Brushed motor

  • The voltage used by the customer is 90V not the regular voltage.

  • The customer's outlet hole has requirements.It’s different with our existing mold.

  • By adjusting the overall parameters of the motor, we can achieve the voltage required by the customer.

  • To give the customer an additional hole to lead the wire on the basis of the original mold, and solve the customer's demand without opening a new mold, saving a large amount of money for the customer.


The customer buy a sample of ten units, after receiving and testing samples. The quality fully met the customer's demands.Then the customer immediately gave us an formal order.

I had been looking for a supplier in China for a long time before.But none of the products they provided met my requirements, so I didn't have high hopes before working with BG, but now I trust them can provide me with high quality motors, and I am glad to work with you guys.

--John Hoolko 

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