Other application-Electric Power Tools

Client: Mr. Jackson(Purchasing manager)

Country: Finland

Industry: Toy Industry

Cooperation time: from 2020 to now

Children are our future, and our customers have designed a whole set of children's power tool kits specifically for children to help build their interest in building things with their own hands from an early age.

What they need:internal fan brushed motor

  • heat-up problem:As a motor for toys, this product needs micro motor and has high speed,And because this is a children's toy, there are high requirements for heat dissipation

  • low noise:For the worker’s healthy,as they will be close to use the machine, the machine can not make too much sharp and harsh noise.

  • low current:In order to be more energy efficient, the current is as small as possible while the power meets the requirements

  • heat-up problem:In order to make the motor's speed at a very high situation, not hot and low temperature, our engineers optimize the number of rotor slots and the shape of the airfoil by increasing the number of slots.Also with higher quality raw material.Airfoil using the principle of mechanics, more can enhance the heat dissipation effect of the motor.

  • low noise:By making the motor's straight groove into the form of oblique groove, our engineers have completely reduced the noise of the motor by several dB.

  • low current:in order to save energy, our engineers use the design principle of odd number of winding turns, the principle of multi-pole number. Thus, the efficiency of use is increased and the current is reduced as much as possible.


We cooperate with Mr.Jackson until now with the stable motors for their  power tools.

Mr. Jackson

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